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I tried out a new software called Piccure+ which claims to correct   lens defects. Cheaper lenses do not perform as well as expensive ones and the program makers claim  it is able correct images so that the shot from a £300 lens looks as good as that from a £3000 one.

I decided to really put the software though its paces. This example is a soft, underexposed, noisy image taken at high ISO that I was going to discard.  This is the image before using Piccure+. I pushed the exposure as far as I could (+1.5 EV) in Adobe Camera Raw before noise levels became unacceptable.

(Click on the image twice.)



And this is after using Piccure+.


Piccure+ did a really good job of correcting the lens softness. I was also able to push the exposure up  by +1.9 EV after processing without excessive noise. The details on the bird are much less soft than anything I could achieve with Adobe Camera RAW. I was really quite impressed.

The drawbacks? It takes a long time for the program to process the image. I was able to go away and make a cup of coffee while it was churning away. Although it was really slow, it did not use excessive computer resources while it was working and I could happily work on other images in Lightroom and Photoshop while it was doing its stuff.

It is also easy to get a setting wrong in the program and there is no instant preview to see how it would look, You have to wait, and wait, and wait…

The program integrates as a plugin with both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Is it worth the £85 investment? Yes, if you have budget lenses and don’t mind spending the time waiting for individual files to be processed. If you are a wedding photographer and have hundreds of images to work on, not a chance!









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