The View from the Top
16th August 2015
The Folks Who Live On The Hill
22nd August 2015

Crepuscular Rays



Another view from the top. Light in the hills is constant.y changing and waiting for  the sun to break through the clouds to illuminate a patch of the scene makes all the difference to the photo. I found that by choosing black and white I could accentuate the tones of the scene, which were lost in colour as the landscape appears a fairly uniform green. Again, this is a vertical panorama of three images shot vertically and stitched together in Lightroom. It was shot using at 40mm (80mm full frame equivalent) f/8.0 at 1/200th second. ISO 200. Black and white conversion was in On1 Perfect Suite 9.


  1. Julie says:

    Can you explain more about the pano? I got confused. 😉 You said a vertical panorama of three vertical images. Three vertical images shot one above the other? Or three vertical images shot side by side?

    Great choice to do black and white, I think. Green can be awfully boring.

    • Ivor says:

      Sorry, poorly typed in the rush! It was three landscape orientated photos shot one above the other, i.e first one of the sky and distant hills, next of the distant hills and mid-distance and the third of the mid-distance and foreground. Contrary to all advice, I refocused each shot to get a better depth of field across the whole scene.

  2. PC PHOTO says:

    Wonderful job of retaining all the depth and detail in this scene. Don’t you just love meteorological terminology?

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