13th June 2016

On Your Bike

In an effort to shake off a bit of middle-aged spread, I bought a new bike a couple of months back and have been cycling around 10 miles a day […]
22nd May 2016

Tern, Tern, Tern!

The wildlife here amazes me. There is such a varied variety of birds that come and go throughout the year and one of my favourites is the Sandwich Tern that […]
10th May 2016

Diving Eider

Eider dive for molluscs. They swallow mussels whole and break the shells in their gizzards. Please don’t feed them chips or bread, which can harm them and make their eggshells […]
5th May 2016

Sea Life

Years ago I was very fortunate to have an inquisitive pilot whale swim under and around the small dinghy I was in, a magical moment I’ll remember all my life. […]
20th April 2016

Under The Boardwalk

18th April 2016

Act Two, Scene Three

Our local castle looks good at this time of the year.  Built around 1070 Warkworth was a setting in some of Shakespeare’s Parts 1 and 2 of Henry IV, described […]
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