17th April 2016

Getting Up Early

Got up early this morning, really early! I rolled down to the beach about 4:30 and got  a few pleasing shots before the sun rose over the horizon and I […]
15th April 2016

Another Shot on the Shore.

9th April 2016

Coquet Evening

I have just bought a set of filters. I had some that I had inherited that I had forgotten about until a few weeks back and I have been intending […]
4th April 2016

Alston Moor

26th March 2016


Google have made the Nik collection free. This used to retail at $150USD or so but they have announced that they are now giving it away for free. This is […]
23rd March 2016

On the beach

I love getting down to the beach and I am sorry that I’m  posting images from the same stretch  again. I had a spot of surgery a few days ago […]
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