23rd August 2015

Hill Life

22nd August 2015

The Folks Who Live On The Hill

17th August 2015

Crepuscular Rays

  Another view from the top. Light in the hills is constant.y changing and waiting for  the sun to break through the clouds to illuminate a patch of the scene […]
16th August 2015

The View from the Top

Looking South East from Green Humbleton.  For some idea of scale, the little white dots at the bottom of the frame are sheep. This is a panoramic composite of three […]
16th August 2015

Hill Walking

Took a little trip just over the border into Scotland yesterday and walked up this little hill. At the top of Green Humbleton was once a neolithic fort.
12th August 2015

Street Photography

I don’t often get a chance to do street photography, but I love capturing photos of people. At the Edinburgh Festival performers come out in their droves and the awkwardness […]
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