29th June 2015

A trial run

I have just been playing with  stop-motion animation. This is a work in progress.
13th June 2015

Farne Islands

I am pretty lucky living where I do. This stretch of Northumberland coast always attracted me when I used to shoot past on the train on my way to and […]
25th May 2015

By any other name

For a photo to work, compositional elements are  chosen, background is prepared, lighting is arranged and exposure has to be spot on and this could not be more true with […]
21st May 2015

Beach Bird Blues

I have just reloaded Windows onto my laptop. At the same time I loaded Adobe Lightroom 6 onto my computer.  I bought the upgrade from Lightroom 3.  In the process […]
11th May 2015


What a busy few weeks I’ve had. Photography has had to take a back seat as I’ve had my political hat on for a while and, unfortunately, been running backwards […]
7th April 2015


I am posting these for Deena as she has just been getting some excellent results using this technique.
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