18th February 2015

The best-laid schemes…

Okay, so Burns night was nearly a month ago , but The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley applies to me at the moment. Just when I […]
10th February 2015


It shocks me when our government pays lip-service to environmental issues and then pushes through policies that allow big businesses to carry out activities that ruin the local and global […]
1st February 2015

So Cold

  There is still no snow here, unlike there was in the hills from my yesterday’s post. It was so very cold today though and blowing a screaming hoolie. I […]
31st January 2015


It’s easy to get tied up in all the negative rubbish that comes our way. 90% of the news is bad news and is twisted and spun so we do […]
27th January 2015

Website of the Week

After my black and white binge I have finally taken a couple of images that work in colour. But first, I have two websites of the week this week because […]
26th January 2015

You can’t always get what you want

You cannot rely on the light being great when you want it to be. The light was amazing on Sunday but  I was driving through Newcastle-upon-Tyne and not taking photos. […]
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