12th January 2015


I went for a walk today to grab some photos and came back with absolutely nothing. It was blowing a screaming hoolie and so I left my camera in my […]
8th January 2015

This Ain’t No Technological Breakdown

I have a love hate relationship with technology. I find computers and software easy to use and I enjoy fixing hardware and removing malware for family and friends. I do […]
4th January 2015

Website of the week

My website of the week this week I found as a result of reading a book called The Dark Net by Jamie Bartlet. The author is the Director of the […]
2nd January 2015

Walking on Sand

We have been not over-indulging this Christmas and New Year.  It’s too easy falling into the trap of eating too much, drinking too much and doing too little at this […]
1st January 2015

Impressions and repairs

Happy New Year! My laptop started crashing. It would just suddenly click and switch off without warning. While I was baking bread the other afternoon I got my screwdrivers out. […]
28th December 2014

Clearing away the waste

How are you at throwing images away? It’s quite a challenge but worth the effort. I’ve just been going decluttering my catalogue, deleting lots of photos I will never use. […]
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