7th April 2015
Beach Bird Blues
21st May 2015


What a busy few weeks I’ve had. Photography has had to take a back seat as I’ve had my political hat on for a while and, unfortunately, been running backwards and forwards to hospital getting fixed. Very glad for the NHS.

I also had my 50th Birthday last week, which is bringing me Lightroom 6 (or CC I cannot make my mind up.) I’ll be downloading that after I have wiped and reloaded the operating system on my computer. I need a quiet rainy day to get that sorted.

Hopefully I will also have a bit of time now to get out with my camera.

I hope one or two people will know the significance of the title for this photo.




  1. Julie says:

    Great monochrome and a lovely, peaceful scene. It’s so nice to see you back to posting on your blog, Ivor. 🙂

    • Ivor says:

      Thanks Julie. It’s been so blooming busy that I haven’t had much chance. Having a bit of a breather from the other stuff before I jump in again.

  2. PC PHOTO says:

    Happy belated birthday, glad your life is getting back to normal. Beautiful bookends!

    • Ivor says:

      Thank-you! I don’t feel a day over 49! 😀 I am not sure what normal is. If it means being able to get out and take photos, then I guess I it is normal at the moment.

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