Alston Moor
4th April 2016
Another Shot on the Shore.
15th April 2016

Coquet Evening

I have just bought a set of filters. I had some that I had inherited that I had forgotten about until a few weeks back and I have been intending to get a full set for some time. The ones I bought were a relatively cheap set, but the results seem okay. When I have worked out which ones I’ll be using the most I’ll buy some better quality ones of those.

The first shot is using and an ND Graduated 2. This was just after sundown.

Coquet Evening

Coquet Evening

Yesterday evening I headed back at around sundown and took this 25 second exposure using the ND8.  The tide had been doing out for about an hour when I got there.

Stones on the Beach

Stones on the Beach


Just before the sun went down I shot this with the ND2 Graduated filter. The light was low enough to achieve a three second exposure. This was an hour later and the tide was rushing out.



One of the effects with the neutral density filters is a reduction in contrast, which needs fixing in the processing. The ND filters also have a slight magenta cast to them which can be fixed in camera or in Lightroom.

Tide Ebbing

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  1. Julie says:

    Wow! You’ve got some great results with these. Enjoy the experimenting. 🙂

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