Wave Skimmers
28th November 2015
2nd January 2016

Desert Island Pics

(With apologies to one of my favourite radio shows.)

I have just been searching back through my last year’s photos. Here are my favourites from 2015.

The first is of wrecked boats in the morning mist.



I had a really successful trip into Newcastle-upon-Tyne and spent about an hour on the streets just photographing what I saw. The trip yielded three of my favourite pics of the year.



A winter storm brought crashing seas, sunlit spray and gulls skimming over the waves. This wasn’t the shot I was hoping to get, but I was pleased with it.


I took this when trying out my new studio equipment. My son, ever the actor, was happy to pose for me.


A trip to the Farne Islands in the early summer got me up close to puffin and other migratory sea birds. This one had was returning to its nest with a beak full of sand eels. He stopped off to do a bit of human-watching before running the gauntlet of gulls eager to steal his catch on the way to his underground nest.

I usually like simplicity in a photo and this image is quite busy, but I like all the stuff that’s going on in it. There are lots of photos online of this view, but the crepuscular rays and all the birds flying high in the sky made this image a bit different. Converting it to black and white and clipping the blacks quite heavily just worked for my eye. The original was a very warm yellow and it made it look too twee. I have no idea who the lass was taking in the scene and I hope she doesn’t mind being captured.



Gazing through an art installation at Edinburgh Waverly railway station, my son looks much younger in this photo than he is.


I had a wonderful afternoon out hill walking. It wasn’t a massively adventurous trip compared to expeditions I have done in the past, but it was great to get outdoors. It takes a closer look to realise the scale – look for the sheep. The sun was dancing in and out of the clouds which brought some fantastic lighting.



Another photo of my trip into Newcastle. The Juxtaposition of the old building and the modern crane  with the crane mirroring the angles of the roof caught my eye. It took me a while to find the exact right spot to get the shot and had to wait for a gap in the passing crowds before I could take it.


Finally, this tunnel with the row of taxis waiting for their fares really grabbed my attention, but it needed another element. Then this person with a pushchair walked past me. I waited until they were just about to walk out of the shadow into the light before taking the shot.
The Tunnel
It would be great to see your picks of the year. Feel free to post a link in the comments.

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  1. Doris P. says:

    An outstanding series of photos, Ivor! This is a great representation of your sensitive artistry.

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