Farther Down the Road
6th November 2016
29th November 2016

Early Morning on the Beach

Although the sea state was the same for these shots and I took them within half an hour of each other,  changing a shutter speed can make so much difference to a photo. I shot this first one in low light before the sun rose above the horizon, exposing the frame for several seconds.

warkworth-sunrise-12Compare the stillness of that to the following picture, which had a shorter exposure time. This next shot was the one I planned to get.

I checked the weather for the few days beforehand and knew there would be a good swell from the constant wind direction. The wintry rain clouds would break up as a frontal system passed, also changing the wind direction overnight to blow against the waves, lifting the spray from the tops that the low sun would catch.

I checked the sunrise direction and worked out where I would have to stand to capture it rising next to the lighthouse.

It was touch and go. There were still occasional showers and the cloud cover was heavier than I had hoped, too heavy to let the rising sun light the entire sky with colour, but the planning paid off.

I was on my toes as the tide was still coming in and I retreated up the beach
a couple of times while waiting for the shot. I readied for that with all unused equipment stowed in my bag.

I  hoped to run along the beach and capture another image with the sun sitting on top of the lighthouse, but it disappeared behind the cloud before it got that high. The window to get a picture of the sunrise lasted about two minutes. The sun quickly disappeared behind the clouds and the light became flat again.



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