The best-laid schemes…
18th February 2015
Still in the hills
5th March 2015

Evening in the hills

I’m a big fan of hazy telephoto landscapes. I rarely shoot landscapes using a wide angle lens, preferring the foreshortening effect of a longer lens.

I had a really enjoyable photo-shoot one afternoon. I was driving north to Berwick on the border with Scotland for a meeting and set off early so I could grab some photos along the way. Because I had time, on the way I turned off towards Wooler and the Cheviot hills. The low winter sun and haziness creates some amazing light that was constantly changing. Here are my fist couple of photos from that shoot.

Evening n the hills






  1. Julie says:

    Those are really lovely, Ivor. I love how layered it becomes with the great light and the haze.

  2. Tammy says:

    I can see these on rather large canvases. Gorgeous! I usually use a telephoto for landscapes too, but the other day when out shooting w/ Deb Funk from our facebook group I borrowed her Tamaran 11-16 I found I really liked it. Heading out on a trip to Colorado and I am thinking I might “need” it (although I don’t think my husband agrees) lol

    • Ivor says:

      Ha ha, every photographer MUST have a full range of focal lengths at their disposal. I find wide-angle lenses limited in the situations I can use them in because of them reducing the size of the horizon. They are great if the horizon is dominated by mountains or emphasizing a wide, sweeping Vista. In most circumstances for me the distant objects are relatively small and it is a rural landscape I am shooting.

      I like shooting and stitching panoramics using a longer lens because it preserves the foreshortening effect of the long lens, so distant objects still appear relatively large in the frame.

      • Tammy says:

        Yes I agree. But for Colorado it will be perfect. Besides doing real estate sales, I also have a little side job going where other real estate agents pay me to take their house pictures…a wide angle would be perfect for those tiny rooms that I so often run into. So I do have another reason to want a wide angle besides landscapes. 🙂

        • Ivor says:

          Well, it sounds like you have a good business case for buying one. 😀 I’ve just Googled Colorado, and yes, you definitely need one for there too. It looks beautiful.

  3. storki says:

    Great photos Ivor, you must have gotten up real early for these!

  4. Ivor says:

    They were late afternoon shots, Simone. (What time do you think I get up?) 😀 Glad you like them though.

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