Playing with coloured filters
19th March 2016
26th March 2016

On the beach

Rock Pool

Rock Pool

I love getting down to the beach and I am sorry that I’m  posting images from the same stretch  again. I had a spot of surgery a few days ago and the medicine leaves me feeling decidedly woozy so going farther afield is not possible at the moment. I decided to forego the pain-killers yesterday morning so I could get out of the house and drive to the beach to spend some time there with my camera. I think that being in the fresh air and taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the sea help with the healing process.  Getting outside and doing an activity like photography is good for the mind too. The thought and care required to set up the shot in a wonderful environment  make all the other life-stuff disappear.

A great thing about being on the beach with a camera is the number of really nice people who stop to talk. This always seems especially so if I have my tripod with me. I have missed a glorious sunrise because someone wanted to have a natter.

I haven’t been up early enough for sunrise lately. Although we are past the equinox, the sun is still fairly low in the sky even at around 10.00 am and the light on a bright morning is still great. I loved the way the low sun angle emphasised the shapes in the above shot, which called out for a black and white conversion to show off the those shapes. The algae on top of the rock was bright green and became a distraction in the original. It was shot at 14mm.

My next shot was more about the colour of the sandstone against the blue of the sea. The texture in the foreground rocks is great but in black and white that was all that was noticeable. I used a circular polarising (CPL) filter on my 35mm lens for this image.

If you zoom in to the right of the island you can see a large flock of sea birds gathering. It won’t be long before the puffin, roseate tern and Arctic tern come back to nest.



  1. Julie says:

    Both these images are stellar, Ivor. The toning in your monochrome shot is really lovely. The water in the color shot is fabulously clear, probably a result of the polarizer?

  2. jackscrap says:

    Nothing like a spot of beach therapy to get the creative juices flowing. Hope you are making a speedy recovery. I loved the tones of the Rock Pool image, and then along comes the next image which has such depth and clarity, from the criss-cross jet trails to the stunning reflections in the waters around the rocks in the foreground. Oh, and the flock of seabirds on the wing.

    • Ivor says:

      😀 Thank-you. It was a beautifully clear morning and a real treat to be there. I have a completely different interpretation of a similar scene coming up… watch this space!

  3. Tammy says:

    Not so sure I would have gotten those crispy clear details in that first image after surgery …. I have to say it, you are good! 🙂 Love the colors in the second image, but it would look much better with me in the scene lol

    • Ivor says:

      Thank goodness for the tripod and the shutter delay! I was going to do a self portrait in the scene but was worried I might crack the lens! 😉 Glad you liked it Tammy. Thanks for the nice comment.

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