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    Year after year our children bring home a school photo that looks the same as when we were at school. The single sausage-machine image is often not great quality. They can be poor value, especially if you want multiple copies to share with grandparents and other family members .

    Having a series of portraits of your family does not have to break the bank. By coming to me for your professionally produced portraits you can get digital copies of the images too.

    Many photographers will only sell you expensive prints and not allow you to share the images online nor allow you to get your own prints. I can work differently to that. If you are happy with my photos you just buy the photoshoot and you get the digital images to use as you want. Contact me to arrange a photoshoot.

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    specialising in working with the third sector, I deliver cost-effective professional services, training and handcrafted photographic art for weddings, portraits and events.

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    affordable, high quality wedding and event photography.

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Take and Break Free Photograpy for health

Take and Break Free is a new learning project launched by Ivor. It is aimed at people isolated by their rural location in north Northumberland

The twenty week courses will teach photography, encourage social interaction with new friends, get outdoors to exercise into the natural environment and do some work in your local community.

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