Silver intemediate course. Sunrise behind Coquet Island
Silver Intermediate Course, 7-Weeks starting Wednesday 5th February at 10 am, Amble
16th January 2020
people and mannequins walking past a business
Photography for Business
28th January 2020

Gold Advanced Photography Course – 8-weeks, small group Starting Thursday 27th February. First Lesson at 10 am in Amble


Basic photography course for those who want to take their camera skills beyond setting auto mode.

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Is the Gold Advanced Photography Course right for you?

Confident with their camera controls, photographers attending my Gold Advanced Photography Course already have a high level of competence. If you think you may need a few more skills before coming along on an advanced course, then consider my Silver Intermediate Course instead.

When and where is it?

The lessons start on Thursday 27th February at 10 am. On future lessons the start time may vary by agreement. Also the venue for each lesson may vary to elsewhere in Northumberland.

What you will learn on the Gold Advanced Photography Course.

This course is to learn the tricks of being able to shoot particular types of photograph and to put meaning into your shots. The learning will be through practical experimentation. We especially look at making your photos tell stories and them not just being a ‘pretty picture’.


Portraiture. We’ll create some outside portraits with off-camera flash, so doing more work at blending natural and flash light as well as modelling, directing and compositional techniques. Lighting the subject is also an important part of this module.

Pinhole photography. I’ll provide a body cap for your camera with a pre-drilled hole. I’ll need to know what camera you’ll be using. We’ll also work with “low-fi” images.

Experimenting with depth of field – getting to know really your lenses, focal lengths and apertures. Creative lens choice and using hyperfocal distance. Telephoto landscapes.

Seeing and shooting in Black and White. The Adams Archer Zone system and tonal control.

Chiaroscuro, plus high and low key, plus light diffusion.

Street Photography

Perception theory and advanced contrasts. Design and Colour Theory.

Abstracts, close-ups, macro and photographic stories.

The syllabus is flexible so we can change the content to cover other areas of photography if participants wish.

Each lesson will be include a weekly assignment for completion, and on-line and email support is given.

There will be time put aside on each lesson for questions and answers.

Advanced Course Structure

This is scheduled to run over 8 weeks with each session being at least an hour-and-a-half long. It starts on Thursday 3rd September 2018 June at 10.30 am. It is held in and around Amble, but it may inlcude trips to other locations depending upon transport availability for those on the course. Start times may vary slightly to suit the participants. The order of lesson delivery may change too.

The entire course is held outside, so is weather dependent. Should weather not allow one lesson to proceed then that week module will be postponed, usually to the following week, but maybe to another mutually convenient time.

You will join in with a small number of other photographers on this scheduled course.

If you prefer, you can also book any of the modules as a one-to-one personal training workshop.

Or, if you want, book this course with three or more friends you can do so. I don’t take more than six people on my courses.


My guarantee to you:

My course feedback is rated 5 stars and 100% on both Google and Facebook and 95% of my customers come back for further training. I hope to retain that by delivering high-quality training, delivering a service that meets your needs.

If you miss one session through ill health or for personal reasons, I will run a shorter one-to-one catch up session for you at a mutually convenient time so you don’t miss out on the learning. This will usually be before or after one of the other lessons.

The training follows a syllabus, but on other courses we sometimes digressed because of questions and participants’ requests.

All participants on my courses get at least one year’s free membership of my private Facebook group where you an seek advice and help and receive discounted offers and some participation in free events and photoshoots.

Basic Courses

Pre-scheduled small group courses, Individual one-to-one training, One-day Individual, One-day 2 people, One-day 3 people, One-day 4 people, One day 5 people


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