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2nd May 2018
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Bronze Basic Photography Course – 1-6 people


Basic photography course for those who want to take their camera skills beyond setting auto mode.


Do you need a Bronze Basic Photography Course?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, then this Basic Photography Course is for you:

Do you have a camera but not really sure how to use it?
Is the mode dial stuck in Auto. Are there lots of confusing menus?
Do you want almost every shot you take to be a wall-hanger instead of consigning so many the recycle bin?
Are your photos sometimes a bit blurry?

If your skills are already beyond this, that’s great. Please look at my Intermediate Training or my Gold Advanced Training Courses instead.

Who usually attends this course?

I have had an enormous range of people book on my basic photography course. Art students who want to improve their technical skills, business owners who want to take publicity shots,  people who have bought a camera and don’t know how to use it and families looking for a different activity while they are here on holiday. My youngest student has been 12, my oldest 86.

What you will learn on the Basic Photography Course

Become familiar with your camera’s controls and learn the essentials of exposure, metering and composition, and avoid the rudimentary mistakes.

You’ll be able to handle your camera correctly and get into the right position to get the best shot.

Because this is one-to-one training, the syllabus is flexible. If you know a lot about one part of the course, we will skip over it and concentrate on another topic.

 Want to attend with friends or family?

This course is for one to six people who book together to receive a day’s, 7-hours, coaching. (Or two half days) It is also available for individuals.

If you want to bring along extra people, then each additional person will be £60. I will take a maximum of six people on a course

Basic Photography Course Syllabus:

Camera handling

Understand Light

Shutter Value

Composition and the rule of thirds

Focal length
Depth of Field

Positioning yourself for the best shot

A simple photography assignment to take away and complete.

Much of the course is built around landscape photography, but we also touch on action shots, portraits and photographing still life features.

Basic Photography Course Structure

This is a whole day course, 7 hours of training either side of a lunch break, or it can be split over two half days. This course is usually held in Amble, but other venues are available on request. Travel costs (40p/mile) may be applicable.

What do others have to say about the course?

Please see my 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook.

Varying numbers

1 Person, 2 People, 3 People, 4 People, 5 People, 6 People


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