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Bronze Photography Course beginners – 7-weeks starting Wednesday 8th May 2019 at 6.30 pm in Amble


Photography course for beginners who want to improve their photography.

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Did you get a good camera and not sure how to use it? Had one kicking around for some time but are befuddled by the dials and menus? Or perhaps you take photos but  leave the camera in auto mode?
Do you with you could take photos like you see online? This course is for you.

This Bronze Photography Course course is for you

Learning and improving our photography is a great way for anyone of any age to keep physically and mentally active. It also gets us outdoors and we meet new people with a similar interest. Many of my clients are retired and lots get together after their courses to continue shooting together. Others are young people who have discovered the art of photography and some those who, like me, work from home.

What you will learn

This is a flexible course which will take you from the basics of exposure to more advanced techniques. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their camera skills. Learning is hands on and achieved on photo shoots.

Camera handling
Camera controls and buttons
Understand light
Exposure and different metering methods
White balance
Aperture, shutter and ISO values
Composition and the rule of thirds and positioning yourself for the best shot
Focal length
Focusing methods
Understanding the histogram
Depth of field and hyperfocal distance.
Choice of lenses
Introduction to digital development.

Because the course is flexible, we can also consider other topics too.

Course Structure

This is scheduled to run over 7 weeks starting Wednesday 10th may at 6.30 pm. Each session is at least an hour-and-a-half long and based in and around Amble.

You are booking this as a course to join in with a small number of others and I don’t take more than six people on my courses. If you prefer, you can also book training exclusively for you, as one-to-one training, or with one or more friends, please contact me for details.

Over the years I’ve discovered a friendly, laid-back approach to running  courses that apply unique methods I developed. I believe in delivering high-quality, progressive training.  This course doesn’t include hours of health and safety lessons, researching the job market or writing CVs as you’ll find in the NVQs. My aim is passing on my knowledge so you can learn how to take great photographs.

My course feedback is rated 5 stars and 100% on both Google and Facebook.

If these times don’t suit you, then contact me and I’ll try to schedule a course that fits around your availability. This course is also available as one-to-one training.

I really look forward to meeting you.


Note, this course overruns the May bank holiday weekend and we may postpone one week to accommodate that if required by participants.


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