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Bronze Basic Photography Course – 1-6 people
20th May 2018
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Gold ‘n’ Blue: Masterclass Saturday 6th April from 6 pm Dunstanburgh
6th August 2018

40-week Complete Photography Course


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If you are interested in doing a course like this, please contact me and I will try to schedule one around your availability.

In the meantime, please have a read what it is all about.

Helping you become a better photographer and aimed at discovering direction for your art,  these two-hour lessons are on Friday mornings from 10:00 am, starting on the 7th September. This practical, skills-based Complete Photography Course is designed especially for the photography enthusiast.

The course is 40 x (at least) two-hour lessons; they often overrun because we are having fun. I hold them at different venues in and around Amble and we go to other places too. Some of the sessions are in the evenings and at dawn at mutually convenient times.

Although there is a syllabus (see below), it is flexible to suit the participants. Non-compulsory assignments follow on from the lessons. I usually give one assignment a month, but it can be more.

Anyone who comes on my courses gets free ongoing support through a private Facebook group I run and where I offer free and heavily discounted extra photoshoots and workshops.

The cost is £840, which works out at £21/lesson or £10.50/hour, is great value. If you miss a lesson or two for any reason, I run catch-up sessions for you.


About the Complete Photography Course

It’s different from a vocational qualification. It is built for the enthusiasts, and not for those seeking employment in the photographic industry. Employment content is deliberately excluded. Unlike the NVQ 3, you won’t spend 90-hours studying health and safety in the workplace, researching potential employers or writing a CV. This course is about photography.

Assuming no previous knowledge, the Complete Photography Course teaches basic to advanced techniques. With areas not found in the NVQ course, such as landscape, macro, wildlife, abstract and street photography, plus a lot more besides, you’ll realise your own photographic style and not be pushed towards taking photos looking like everyone else’s. You’ll discover the philosophy of photography and learn about its history. You’ll investigate compositional techniques – creating balance and tension, line and form – while learning about lighting and colour, monochrome and tones.

The training is hands-on with classroom learning and discussions too. Although encouraging you to practise skills, complete portfolios of themed work, and research other photographers, there is no pressure. You can put in as much work away from the course as you have time for.

If you miss a lesson or two then catch-up lessons will be available.


How does this compare to other courses,

Please do read through the syllabus at the bottom of this page and compare it to those of other courses. I’m sure you’ll find my Complete Photography Course content is unparalleled. Besides following the syllabus, you will work alongside others, helping each other to progress in a co-operative environment. You’ll get tutor support through emails, phone and Facebook. There will be optional assignments and challenges to help you consolidate your skills and additional led photoshoots to join. You will also have access to my library of photography books and articles.

My courses are friendly and fun. You’ll complete it with the knowledge and skills to take photographs of the subjects you love in your own unique style.


Questions and Answers


When is the course?
Thursday morning and evening courses are planned, maybe other days too depending upon demand. If you want to do the course, but cannot make Thursdays, let me know and I’ll try to find others who can learn with you. Lessons are 2-hours long and run from September to July.

What if I want to do this course, but cannot attend of Fridays?
Contact me! I am open to running this at other times if there is sufficient demand.

Where is the course based?
Mostly in and around Amble. It may be delivered in other locations if there is a demand.

How many people will be on the course?
Between six and twelve people.  I need a minimum of six participants to run each course.

Costs of the course

How much is the course?
£840 for 40 x 2-hour lessons. This includes membership of my exclusive Facebook Group where I offer ongoing support and discounted and free events.

Can I get a student loan to pay for this course?
No. But the course is such good value that even if you pay by credit card and repay over two years, at the current interest rates (18.5%) you will still be paying hundreds of pounds less than an NVQ 3 Certificate, which cost £1260 from Northumberland County Council last year.

Can I pay you in instalments?
Sorry, no. Many of the overheads have to paid for up front. I realise that it’s not a small amount, so I do take credit card.

What happens if I cannot deliver the lessons.

An amount equal to the payments made are held untouched in a bank account. If something happened to me so I could no longer deliver the lessons, a refund equal to the cost of the remaining lessons would be made.

Can I buy into just a few parts of the course?
Maybe, subject to availability. But, the entire course is better value and comes with email and phone support, catch-up sessions, group membership, access to the library and the led shoots.

I have done your basic course; will this course be suitable for me?
Yes. This course is suitable for all levels of learner. My previous clients get a £40 discount.


Is this an accredited qualification?

No, and deliberately so. This keeps costs down, allows for flexibility of course content to suit participants. It also allows me to exclude the employment based content of the NVQs, which are probably not of interest to most photo enthusiasts. My courses are about learning photography and don’t pretend to be about qualifications.

If you are looking to progress to a degree course for future employment in the photographic industry then and NVQ might be the route for you to take. Please be careful, there are a lot of courses claiming to be diplomas that are not! They may be the lesser ‘certificate’ qualification or not a recognised qualification at all, though they claim to be. If you are looking for an NVQ course, I am happy to help you choose the correct one from a reputable provider.

Is the Complete Photography Course right course for me?

If you want to free from established constraints in your art, if you want to be challenged or just want to work with other photographers, if you want an accompaniment to build on academic or vocational training, if you want to learn photography to a high standard, then yes, this may well be the course for you.

How do I know if the training is good quality?
Please check my feedback on Google:  and on Facebook

The Complete Photography Course Syllabus

Complete Photography Course syllabus 2018



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