Bronze Basic Photography Course
Bronze Basic Photography Course – 1 to 1 Coaching
9th January 2018

1-to-1 personal coaching whole day or 2 half-days


This Intermediate Photography Course if for those who want to really know exposure and composition and learn how to use those who want to learn to use their camera in manual mode. It is ideal for those whose learning is beyond the Bronze Basic course.

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Do you need the Silver Intermediate Photography Course?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of those questions, then this Intermediate Photography Course is for you:

Do you have a camera you can use aperture and shutter priority?
Can you find your way around the buttons and menus on your camera, but are unsure about some of the settings?
Is the rule of thirds something you know, but you are a bit unsure about some of the more advanced techniques?
Do you wish your photos could be even better than they are now?

If these seem a little too in-depth for you then perhaps the Basic Photography Course would best suit you.
If you are confident in all there is here, maybe you could consider my advanced training.

I can offer any of these as a day course or two half-days. Just book this course and discuss your needs with me.

What you will learn.

Become familiar with your camera’s controls and learn the essentials of exposure, metering and composition, and avoid the rudimentary mistakes.

You’ll be able to handle your camera correctly and get into the right position to get the best shot.

Intermediate Course Syllabus:

Going over exposure and letting the right amount of light into your camera

Using the camera in manual mode

Bracketing exposures and looking at Dynamic Range, including HDR

Advanced metering methods including centre weighted and spot metering

Contrast, phase detect and manual focusing

White Balance and changing light colour


An introduction to processing raw and jpeg images.

Course Structure

This is scheduled to run over a single day or on two half days with at least 7 hours of training, dates to be set by mutual agreement. If you want to bring friends along then they will pay half price.

You can also book to join others on a scheduled 5-week course.

I usually run these courses in and around Amble.


I believe in delivering high-quality training. My course feedback is rated 5 stars and 100% on both Google and Facebook.


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