Bronze Photography Course beginners – 7-weeks starting Wednesday 8th May at 2019 at 10.00 am in Amble
18th March 2019
Street Photography Workshop Wednesday 14th August Edinburgh Festival
20th March 2019

Street Photography Workshop Saturday 10th August Edinburgh Festival


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What is street photography

Street photography is a many faceted art-form. Requiring particular camera skills and compositional techniques, street photography needs sensitivity and a respect for your subjects.

What does the workshop’s syllabus and programme?

We will cover:

  • photographing street performers and their audience
  • observing how people interact with the street architecture
  • deciding on whether the subjects large or small in the frame
  • natural lighting
  • the story you are telling
  • colour theory
  • including or removing contextual features from the composition
  • exposure
  • the choice of camera settings
  • focal length
  • the legal aspects of street photography

The day will start at around 10 am in Edinburgh and will include plenty of direct tuition. You will have the chance to take lots of photographs too.
There will be an hour break at lunchtime. You can either bring a packed lunch or take yourself to one of the many restaurants and cafes. We finish at 2.30 pm so that will give you time to watch Fringe shows, explore the shops or the art galleries and museums.

The workshop fee also includes membership of my exclusive Facebook group.  There, you can get hints and tips, ask questions and receive discounts on future courses and workshops, as well as access some free events and photoshoots.

What will I need to bring?

You will need:
Your own travel arrangements  to Edinburgh; I travel by train from Alnmouth Station and am happy to travel together with others. The return tickets are usually between £20-£25, but that is subject to the train operator and early booking.
Your own lunch arrangements.
Clothing suitable for the day, including comfortable, strong shoes.
Any camera
If you have a camera with interchangeable lenses, then a kit zoom lens is fine. The lens I use mainly is a 12-60mm, but I also take also a 50-20mm.

Bringing a flash is optional, however, you will not need a tripod

Bad Weather?

The workshop will still go ahead even if rain is forecast. If your camera is not weather sealed, please consider buying a waterproof cover for it and bring an umbrella.

I have mobility difficulties, is the workshop suitable for me?

I always try my best to adapt my workshops for people with disabilities. Edinburgh streets are okay for wheelchair users but be aware that some are steep and some cobbled. This workshop does require participants to travel from one area to another including from Princes Street to The Royal Mile and we will be walking. If you do have a disability, please let me know and I will do my utmost to make the course for you. This link will give you useful information about disabled access in Edinburgh.

I would rather do this street photography workshop alone or with one friend.

This is possible. Please contact me for details.


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