This Ain’t No Technological Breakdown
8th January 2015
The same scene
18th January 2015


I went for a walk today to grab some photos and came back with absolutely nothing. It was blowing a screaming hoolie and so I left my camera in my bag,

There was one spot where I thought I would set up my camera but when I looked around me I saw two shady looking characters watching me. They were clearly up to no good. I think that my newly found and slightly secluded landscape-shooting spot was an equally attractive haunt for those who wanted to hide from public view to carry out whatever their unsavory business was.

This is a relatively safe town but I thought removing my camera from the bag at that point probably would not have been a great idea. So I briskly carried on my walk,

Te picture I am posting is from a couple of week’s back.

It took me some time to work out what to do with this image. I liked the sun shining on the wave and the positioning of the island in the background but did not think the overall composition was right. I had tried a few crops before and, after sleeping on it for a week, it finally came to me when I revisited it today. The portrait crop worked far better than the original landscape orientation.

I will always try to maneuver to a place to get the best composition when I am taking the picture. Sometimes it is impossible to do this.   I’m not advocating heavy cropping to make a tiny feature in the frame large; that rarely works well. Changing the size and shape of the framing repositions the features of the image and can create a better overall composition.

The Wave

Olympus E-5, ISO200, 86mm, f/5.0 1/640






  1. Tammy says:

    Funny how a different crop or orientation can change the whole image. I love this picture, so you chose right! 🙂

  2. twoapples says:

    You were wise to be aware of your surroundings. Many a photographer gets robbed when they look like a tourist.

    Brilliant photo and crop. The light on the wave is great as well.

  3. jackscrap says:

    I like how the sun highlights the sand in the wave, it’s a pity about having to share your favourite spot with shady characters, fear around the world seems to be taking over.

  4. Lois Svejda says:

    I like the way the sunshine on the wave seems to highlight the island in the background.

  5. bfcphotos says:

    The way the light falls just on the crest of the wave is brilliant.

    • Ivor says:

      Cheers Bobbie. It was one of those sit and wait for the right moment shots, hoping the correct wave would arrive before the sun dipped below the horizon.

  6. PC PHOTO says:

    I like the portrait view of this seascape! Glad you kept your gear in the bag, better safe than sorry.

  7. The light on the wave really brightens the mood of this photo.

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