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A very warm welcome to the Ivor Rackham Photography Shop

This page will tell you all About The Ivor Rackham Photography Shop. Whether you are visiting to find photographic services, limited edition and high quality framed prints, or first class camera and software training, you are in the right place.

The Ivor Rackham Photography Shop is still under construction. So, if you can’t yet find what your looking for, then please contact me by email phone or social media. I am adding new products and services all of the time, so please bookmark my shop and call back from time to time.

Training from Ivor

I believe in getting as many people as possible to become great photographers. I deliver a whole range of training packages through my popular courses and workshops.

My basic courses teach the rudiments of exposure and camera control, experimenting with different settings and with the ‘rule of thirds’. I deliver those either in one day, two half days, or over five weeks.

The intermediate courses build on that, teaching techniques including spot metering, long exposures and the golden section.

More in-depth, my advanced training courses and workshops are more challenging.  Still hands-on, they cover colour theory, advanced metering, Gestalt perception, Idden’s Contrast and composition. We look at studio lighting and a host of other professional level techniques. I just launched my new 10-week advanced course.

Scheduled course syllabuses are fixed. But, these still have flexibility depending upon the participants’ learning. Even less rigid, I build the bespoke courses – often run as one-to-one training or for small groups of friends or families – to meet your needs.

I am proud of my superb 100% positive feedback on Google and Facebook. Over 90% of my clients come back for more training.

Services from Ivor

Weddings, corporate events, parties, family portraits and product photography, also photographic work for magazines and newspapers, my commissions include local, national, international businesses, national and local charities as well as musicians, politicians and youth organisations, schools and colleges and, of course, individuals.

What I won’t provide is sausage-machine snaps, like you see in many school photos. Each image I make is individually developed and processed. I want you to have the great product.

I don’t produce a price list for my services as every request for my work is different. Contact me to discuss your needs and ask for a quote.

Ivor’s Limited Edition Prints

I restrict the print runs on my images. I believe that people deserve original art that’s not likely to appear on every other person’s wall. This has made my work sought after.

Printed on the finest quality paper by an outstanding photographic laboratory, my large, fine art prints are only supplied framed. This is so any risk of damage to the print is mine. I use a top-quality professional framer for that work. I only charge his retail prices for the framing.


I first picked up a camera when I was 8-years old. I still have the black and white print of my sister on the dunes by a beach in Norfolk.  It was a medium format Kodak box camera. Ten-years later I bought a Zentih TT; a Russian Built SLR that fell apart within a week. I took it back to the shop and, after toying with a Miranda for six months, graduated to shooting with an excellent Olympus OM2n.

That Olympus went everywhere with me, including on expeditions in Europe and Africa. It was one of the only cameras to survive the dust of the semi-desert conditions in Namibia. Later, it spent a lot of time around my neck when I was working in outdoor education in Scotland. It finally got sold and replaced by digital technology when I was running a holiday business in Tanzania.

All my life people were telling me that I should become a professional photographer and I did a lot of unpaid professional work, both shooting images for voluntary organisations, the occasional wedding or party for friends, and training people.


A couple of years ago I finally got an opportunity to start doing what I love for a living.  I left my full-time employment and set up Ivor Rackham Photography. I now train people to take better photographs, which is really rewarding work. Just as rewarding is that people keep buying my images; I hadn’t set out to sell them. People also keep asking me to shoot their portraits and events and I love that too.

Getting frustrated by poor quality customer service and poor quality products, I became determined that my business should provide premier  services and products, and that is working for me.

I also set up the Northumberland Camera Club, in conjunction with Johnson Press. My weekly column first appeared in The Northumberland Gazette and is Now syndicated to The Berwick Advertiser and The Morpeth Herald. The club has a Facebook group, which is growing daily. Please do join. It’s friendly, non-competitive and free!

Most of my work comes through word of mouth, but I have extended my website to include this shop to make my products and services more available. If you want talk with me by phone, email or Messenger beforehand, you are very welcome to do so.

My blog also has a substantial following. It has evolved from a showcase for my photos to articles aimed at helping people with photography. I am always glad to hear your comments and answer your questions there.

Thank-you for visiting my site and I look forward to hearing from you.


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