Midnight Shore
23rd July 2015
Gritty Nights
27th July 2015

The Bazaar


  1. PC PHOTO says:

    What an awesome gathering!

  2. Julie says:

    That’s a really interesting scene. I like how you’ve included the blue water in the background to give the eye someplace to go and rest while inspecting all the bird life.

    Are you sure you didn’t make those bird names up? They sound like they’re right out of Harry Potter.

    • Ivor says:

      Ha! You are right, they do,

      Guillemot is one of those names derived from the same word in two different languages. The Celtic “Gwelan” means gull. At some point a Norman came along and asked a Celt what the the bird was called and he added the old French name “moette” (meaning gull) to it.Gwelan moette: Gull gull.

      There are a few oddities in English like that.

      Kittiwake is onomatopoeic from its call.

      But they should both feature in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Fnd Them.

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