12th January 2015
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20th January 2015

The same scene

It’s funny that I spend more time on the beach in the winter than I do in the summer. There are more photographic opportunities, fewer people, better light and more dramatic conditions at this time of year.

One of my favourite sea shots is the cover photo on my home page.  That and another in my monochrome gallery, the one with the man on the rocks in the distance, were both taken from the end of the pier last winter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe light, the tide and the sea state  and the wind direction are different every time I walk to the end of there and so I have dozens of photos from this vantage point taken at high tide and low tide during springs and neaps,  in rough and calm in the morning and evening.


Sometimes the waves are breaking over this vantage point and it makes a good subject too. Again, there are photos in my galleries to illustrate this.

I do try to get to other beaches and areas to shoot too, but being really familiar with a spot helps me to learn what will look good and what won’t.

Shooting photos of the sea brings it’s own set of challenges which I discovered when I was very young. Long, empty stretches of sand are not exciting and the bright light can easily lead to under exposure. I know it is counter intuitive but, just like shooting in the snow, , wind  the exposure up a stop when shooting the sea or bright sand.

Looking for a focal point  in the scene is really important. Without the fisherman I would not have taken this shot.


Fisherman's blues





  1. bfcphotos says:

    That top one is worth of National Geographic. Composition, lighting, movement, drama–it has it all.

  2. Andy says:

    I’m always impressed when people venture out in the winter to take pictures! It has been so cold here I don’t want to go anywhere but inside! Very nice results!

    • Ivor says:

      It’s floating around freezing point here.For me there is nothing better than being out in the wild on a cold, windy day, apart from being nice and warm inside afterwards with a hot toddy.

  3. Tammy says:

    I never thought about sand having the same problems as snow…but I can see why they do!

    That first image is a real wowzer, you have everything in the shot…lighting movement, contrast! All I can say is WOW!

    Also loving that last shot, and you are right as always, the fisherman makes the whole scene! I love your beach!

    • Ivor says:

      Thanks Tammy. I wish were as skilled as Ansel Adams at getting the exposure just right. I find the sea is even more deceptive for getting the exposure right, especially on a bright day when the sun sparkles off the ripples.

      That first image was my favourite of the bunch too, and a few others it seems. 😀

  4. Mike says:

    Love those B+W’s, I find myself also @ the beach more in the winter, less congested!

    • Ivor says:

      The more I shoot B&W the more I like them. I am trying to find my own B&W developing technique and something clicked with me today that I am going to use in the future… watch this space.

  5. Lois Svejda says:

    There is so much going on in the first photo with the movement of the water and the fantastic light.

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