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4th January 2015
12th January 2015

This Ain’t No Technological Breakdown

I have a love hate relationship with technology. I find computers and software easy to use and I enjoy fixing hardware and removing malware for family and friends. I do enjoy it. I like changing a mother board, trying out new programmes, editing photos, reading articles, building a website contributing to forums and writing this blog.

But it is a fine line between loving and hating it. It bothers me the amount of time that’s sucked into a black hole when I switch my computer on.

For a very short while I had a smart phone but it became a nuisance. Emails and Facebook alerts were there all the time. There was no escaping the electronic world. Someone recently described the device I have now as a dumb phone. Most of the time it is switched off and in a drawer.

Looking around me lots of other people are totally absorbed in their mobile cell phones, missing out on what’s happening immediately in front them. It’s so easy to get drawn into that spider’s web of having to know right now what your friends are saying, what’s happening in the news or what people think of you. Humanity cries out for acceptance and praise and it comes at the superficial press of the Like button.

The virtual world falls short of the real one. When people update their status on Facebook they are revealing a tiny part of what is happening in their lives. Showing to the world only what they want to advertise themselves. “Public Relations” is no longer the remit of just the business world.

Think about all the things that have happened to you over the last year that you have not told the world in your blog or in social media. Everyone else had had their highs and lows too and you and I have no idea what’s actually been going on. That happy  girl you once knew at school, the one that has been talking about their trip overseas, is suffering domestic violence. The boy you used to work with has a brother with cancer and his job is not going well, but he has been seeing someone new. That person you speak to in a forum had their marriage break up recently and has applied for a new job and has started jogging.

One in ten of your friends are likely to have problems with alcohol. One in four has suffered mental health illnesses.  Over one in ten often feel lonely.

Being kind to people is good for you. It lowers your blood pressure, reduces your risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. It also engenders other people to show kindness in return. When was the last time you called someone up who you usually just meet through Facebook. Why not phone just to say hello and find out how they are? Instead of liking their post, how about sending them a private message or even posting a card or a letter? How about going out for a meal, a coffee or a winter’s walk? If you do, switch that phone off.

Olympus E5, ISO200 70mm, f5.0, 1/1250 two images manually merged.

Olympus E5, ISO200 70mm, f5.0, 1/1250 two images manually merged. Chilling out.



Zooming in



  1. Tammy says:

    A wonderful reminder to live in the moment! I do have to admit that I have been bad w/ my iphone…but that is one of my resolutions…more face to face interaction. Being a real estate agent it is hard to put that phone down, but now I am finding my self turning it off…I can always return a call, but never can get back the moment I missed with my sons.

    I love the carefree fun that is shown in your images…and really love the black and white tones!

  2. Ivor says:

    It wasn’t until I posted this with the top image that I realised the guy on the right was using a phone. I then added the other two crops not for photographic reasons, but because it illustrated my point I am glad you like the toning. I have been working hard on learning how to take good black and white shots.

    The iPhone is an amazing piece of technology, but I don’t need the isolation one brings.

  3. Lois Svejda says:

    The black and white toning perfectly illustrates the back story.

  4. Mike says:

    I think electronics are taking over many peoples lives…. I try to stay away from it but am sucked in almost daily. Good or bad, I find ways everyday to make sure I have in-person communication with as many people as possible. Hope it helps!

    • Ivor says:

      It’s an amazing world that we live in. If I think about what we can do now with technology that would have been impossible a few years ago it’s like living in a sci-fi world. It’s just crept up on us quietly. But that has brought a lot of its own problems and isolation for a lot of people. I’m the IT geek in my family, but my son is starting to roll his eyes when I do stuff in an outdated way, or don’t know about the latest technical innovations. 😀

  5. jackscrap says:

    I try so hard to keep my life simple, then get laughed at because my kids think I’m a dinosaur, but when something goes wrong with the limited technology I have they’re the first ones I go to for help, makes them feel good about helping others….

  6. PC PHOTO says:

    Well said Ivor, so much time is whittled away when we could be using it to learn how to get the upper hand with things like file management in LR, lol, now you know my real story 🙂

    • Ivor says:

      Ha ha ha. I do think Lightroom is a fantastic tool, and I do extol the virtues of having things well catalogued, but I’ll have to admit that I slip into lapses and sometimes end up on relying on my filing system instead of the catalogue to find photos.

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