Ivor Rackham Professional Photographer, Northumberland

Ivor Rackham Professional Photographer and Photography Coach

Ivor Rackham is a professional photographer. His mission is promoting photography in Northumberland and the North East. He does this by delivering Five-Star training courses to photographers. Additionally, he provides outstanding photographic services to individuals and businesses in this beautiful corner of the United Kingdom

His photography includes Northumberland weddings and events, portraits and providing news and social media images. Additionally, he shoots real estate and commercial product images.

Ivor is also a freelance writer. He writes the regular photography column for three newspapers, plus has contributed articles to national publications and the Olympus Workspace blog. Furthermore, he writes his own popular blog. He also builds websites and gives IT support for small businesses in Northumberland.

You’ll find Ivor on social media: @ivortog

Ivor Rackham - Photography Educator

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