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Website design by Ivor Rackham

Ivor started designing and building websites for himself in the early 2000s. Although not previously advertising this service, through word of mouth, ever more people in Northumberland are asking him to design their site and help them maintain their web presence. He now offers affordable bespoke website packages to small businesses and individuals.

What Makes Ivor’s Website Service Different

Ivor’s method is quite different from many other website developers. He won’t tie you into a contract. In fact, he likes enabling you to manage as much of the site as you want. You won’t have a hosting package from which it is almost impossible to escape; that will be with a major supplier in your name, registered to your email address, renewable annually and can be cancelled at any time. You are not paying me an ongoing agent’s fee year after year.

He does offer a monthly support package if that is something you need, and many of his clients ask for that.

Likewise, your domain name is registered to you and not him. You have total flexibility to change to another provider should you so wish.

Just like his ambition to help other photographers succeed, Ivor aims to help you own and control your website, so not spending money on long-term support you don’t need.

Brambles Childcare website was designed by Ivor Rackham

High Quality Website, Total Quality Support

Most web browsing today is done on smartphones. So, Ivor ensures your site is fully responsive and looks great in any format.

You will be given full administration access to the site, and he will give training to show you how to do simple maintenance tasks like updating the design. You will also have a more basic user account for adding more pages, images, galleries, products, blog posts and so on.

Why your business needs a website

Ivor runs a small business. 85% of his sales transactions are through his website. If you don’t have your own online presence, you are losing out on trade.

How it works

Look at your competitors’ websites. Get an idea of how want yours to perform in comparison to those. Then, think about what you want yours to do and how it should look. Next, decide what pages you need. For example, do you want a shop, blog or gallery? Now draw a rough flowchart of how you want the menus to work.

Keep the site as simple as possible; it needs to be easy for your customers to navigate. Once you have a reasonable idea, you share this with Ivor, and he’ll give you a quote. Next, you’ll discuss what works for your business.

Ivor is confident that his quote will be very competitive.

Fife Plant who sell aggregates and building supplies are one of Ivor Rackham's website clients.

Of course, Ivor can supply images for your website if that is required. He has a portable studio so can shoot products and can produce perfect staff portraits or photographs of your work.

If you already have a functioning website

Several of Ivor’s clients had functioning websites but lost their previous support so have turned to him. He is happy to help you get your website back under control.

Facebook, Google and SEO

Ivor can also set up your Facebook and Google business pages and show you how to drive clients from those platforms to your website. Your site will have advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so that it becomes easier to find.

Private websites

Many of his private customers are photographers, musicians and other artists. They just want a site on which to display their creative works. With this in mind, Ivor builds affordable, easy to use and manage website that helps make your work look stunning.

Ivor’s Website Clients

Ivor’s current clients include Brambles Childcare, Fife Plant, Purdy Lodge, Amble Pin Cushion, Amble Cast Off holiday home, The Northumbrian Stone Carver among other businesses, plus many private individuals.

Other IT Services

Ivor also provides a host of other IT services including data recovery, computer repairs and setting up networks.

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