I first took my camera to a wedding in 1984. Shooting it differently from the employed wedding photographer and using a documentary approach to recording it, the couple preferred my album of candid shots to the set pieces in the official one; it showed them the things they had missed.

Ever since, that is what I have aimed for when shooting weddings, parties, and special moments. Now documentary photos are the vogue for events and weddings.

Each year, I shoot only a handful of weddings and events to keep my hand in. The huge amount of work involved in photographing and processing the images encroaches on the time my core business of training other photographers. This means I am also available to fill in at the last moment when wedding photographers fall ill.

But, please do contact me to see if I have spaces and, if I am available, I will be happy to help you. Furthermore, I'll happily recommend another excellent event or wedding photographer if I am not free.

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