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11th August 2015
Hill Walking
16th August 2015

Street Photography

I don’t often get a chance to do street photography, but I love capturing photos of people. At the Edinburgh Festival performers come out in their droves and the awkwardness of shooting strangers disappears.

This first image I cropped to a square to remove background distractions. The street was really busy with  thousands of people either entertaining or being entertained. The atmosphere was amazing and these performers were walking through the crowds to the slow toll of a deep toned hand-bell that was at odds with the buzz in the street,



This piper was brightly clothed, but the colours were a distraction.



To me, this saxophonist had a 1920s look to him.



I am never really sure whether it is okay to shoot everyday people in the street, those who are not performers. My rule of thumb is if it does not show the person in a bad light then it is okay. I took one shot of an audience watching a street performer and everyone is laughing and clapping, except for one old curmudgeon who is standing with his arms folded and a frown that would shatter glass.  Although I took the shot, it would not be fair on the person to publish it, so I won’t.

However, this bus driver was sat at traffic lights in a jam of traffic.  The wires at the window, to me, make him look  like he is imprisoned. When he drove off he did so with great care and consideration for the multitude of pedestrians that were milling about on the road. So, I am publishing this to celebrate a guy who is good at his job, and because I like the photo and the way his face shows through the reflection in the glass.


Bus Driver

Bus Driver





  1. Mike says:

    Great shots Ivor and I love them in b+w. I’m drawn to the first shot.
    I feel the same way about photographing people.
    Have you ever seen a picture of yourself taken without your knowledge? I’m not sure about how i’d feel if I found one of myself.
    Nicely done again

    • Ivor says:

      Thanks Mike. Yes, I have very recently seen a photo of me that was taken and published to a far wider audience than will see my website. I was on a protest march on a really wet day and the march was in a local paper. I was the focal point of the photograph. It was not a very flattering picture, but it didn’t bother me too much because I think if I am putting myself out there in a way that generates news, then I can expect that to be reported. Likewise for performers, like in the first three shots, one has an expectation that they will appear in people’s photos.

      My tests as to whether I post the picture of a completely unknown person in pursuit of their normal life or not (as opposed from a performer or someone being newsworthy are: a) is the photo unflattering? b) is the photo of a good enough quality to publish? c) does it tell a story that is worth telling? For me the last photo above passes that test for me.

      Unfortunately, I could not see the livery of the company who owned the bus. Otherwise I would have sent the driver a copy via the employer.

      But, it is a fine line judging what other people like. If someone came to me and said that they really did not like a photo I had taken of them, then that I had taken, then I would take it down.

  2. Taura says:

    These are beautiful Ivor

  3. Julie says:

    I’m really impressed with these. A lot of “street photography” that I see online makes me feel quite uneasy but these seem very respectful of the subjects. Also, I really love your black and white conversions here.

    • Ivor says:

      Thanks Julie. The only one I was struggling with was the bus driver. I really like it as a photo, but he was not performing in some way and not expecting to be photographed. But then again, he was in public and is having a photo of him any different from looking at him there at the time? Maybe I think too much!

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