Another Bumble
2nd July 2017
Tour of Britain
4th September 2017

Photography taught me to look at the world in a different way and think about what I see. It taught me to concentrate on the details and look for similarities and juxtaposed shape and form.

I learnt to appreciate movement and stillness.


What might seem commonplace to me can be unusual to someone else. An everyday view can become unique by choosing a new angle.


All photos have a tale to tell. The wear and tear of the weather and the accidental piece of seaweed tangled around a mooring rope tell a story.

For me, a photograph tells a story by either a making a statement, telling a story or, better still, by asking a question.

Including people in the  shot helps to create a question. Who is it? Why are they there? What are they looking at? What are they thinking?


Sometimes the story may be obvious,

and sometimes surreal.

After twelve years living in the same town and there is always something new to see, always new photographs to shoot.

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