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17th April 2018
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2nd May 2018

Learning Black and White Photography: 3-hour, 1-to-1 Masterclass



Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography is timeless. Learning to see and compose in monochrome is a skill worth learning; not all images work without colour and there is much more to getting a great image than moving the desaturation slider. Once we know how to find black and white images and acquire the camera skills to shoot them, we then need to know how to develop the image on our computer.


1. Introduction to monochrome
2. Setting the camera
3. Contrast
4. The Adams-Archer Zone system
5. Seeing without colour and finding subjects that work well
6. Filters
7. Developing photographs on the computer, using raw in Lightroom, On1, Lightzone and Photoshop, plus other software including Silver Efex Pro

The workshop is hands-on and you will be taking lots of photos. It is available as a one-to-one workshop and can be arranged for pairs or for small groups. Participants will ideally have a good understanding of the basic exposure controls of their camera and will use a DSLR, Mirrorless CSC or Bridge camera. Please look at the syllabus of my Bronze Basic Photography Course  to see the level of knowledge most participants have before they attend this workshop.

The workshop includes a working coffee break. The first half (parts 1-6) is held outdoors and requires good weather. The second half is indoors working on a computer.

You will need to bring with you your camera with a fully charged battery and empty memory card. You can bring along a laptop computer with your own software although I can provide a computer for the second half if you prefer.

To arrange a date, please contact me beforehand.


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