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Learning Black and White Photography: 3-hour, 1-to-1 Masterclass
2nd May 2018
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6th August 2018

Photoshop training


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Learn to develop and edit photos, Photoshop training from a professional

Adobe Photoshop is dauntingly complex. But, its many features can really transform your images. Do you want to get to grips with Photoshop? If so, a Photoshop Training workshop from Ivor will turn your skills around. Each workshop is tailored to meet your needs and built around your existing knowledge.

Each workshop is at least two-hours long. It includes membership of my clients’ Facebook group for at least a year’s ongoing support.

I also run courses in Lightroom and On1 and other photographic software including Nik and Photoshop Elements. Please contact me for more details.

A typical two hour introductory session would typically include:
Adobe Camera Raw
Understanding layers
Understanding masks
Adjustment layers
Editing Tools
Blending modes
Dodging and Burning




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