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6th August 2018
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17th November 2018

Learning Long Exposure: 2-hour Masterclass Various dates from 7.30 pm



Long exposure photographs change the way we see the world. Time is compressed so things that move become a soft blur, or disappear altogether. Stationery objects stand out agains the flow of time.

To get great results requires the correct equipment and the right skills. This workshop will give you just that.

Long Exposure Photography Syllabus

1. Introduction to Long Exposure
2. Setting the camera
3. Filters
4. Visualising and composing the shot.
5. Metering and focus.
6. Composition

The workshop is hands-on and you will be taking lots of photos.

Participants will ideally have an understanding of the basic exposure controls of their camera and will use a DSLR or Mirrorless CSC. One part of this course is not possible if you have a bridge camera that will not allow filters to be fitted to it. However, after sunset you will be able to achieve good results.

Please look at the syllabus of my Bronze Basic Photography Course  to see the level of knowledge most participants have before they attend this workshop.

You will need to bring with you your camera with  fully charged batteries and empty memory card. You may also need some Neutral Density filters to fit your lens. An ND8 and an ND1000 (10-stop) filter will be ideal. I recommend Gobe filters however, if you are just starting out and not sure if this is something for you, you can try the cheap filters available through the big online retailers.


I accept the maximum of six people on this course and it is available as one-to-one training. To arrange a date for a one-to-one lesson, please contact me before booking.


What you will need to bring with you

Wide angle lens. (A standard kit lens is fine.)
ND1000 filter to fit the lens you will be using. If you don’t own one, I recommend Gobe mid-level filters which are great quality and good value. Do check the thread size of your lens.
Strong footwear – (I use hiking boots). You may get your feet wet, so a change of shoes for driving home.
Head Torch
Suitable clothing for the weather

ND8 filter

Other options to do this workshop

This long exposure workshop is also available as a one-to-one training and can be arranged for pairs or for small groups, please contact me for details.

Booking Options

Monday 24th June, Thursday 27th June, Saturday 29th June, One-to-One, Bamburgh beach one-to-one


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