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12th January 2018
Ivor Rackham, photography educator
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5th March 2018

Lens Choice, Depth Of Field and Hyperfocal Distance Workshop


Learn about controlling and learning depth of field techniques

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Hyperfocal Distance and Controlling Depth of Field with your lens choices?

This Lens Choice, Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Distance Workshop covers which lenses and settings to use in what circumstances, and how to break the rules or artistic reasons.

How much of your photo do you want in focus? You will learn about calculating and choosing when to increase of decrease the Depth Of Field of your image. You’ll discover how to make better lens and aperture choices. Also, you will learn to think about the artistic decisions you make when deciding how much of the image should be sharp and what should be blurred.

We also cover hyperfocal distance. Why the rule of thumb of focusing a third of the way into a landscape doesn’t always work and this will show you how to get front to back sharpness.

This workshop lasts two hours, is hands-on and held outdoors, usually in Amble.

I can also run this workshops for small groups. If you want more details, then please contact me.

The content of this workshop is part of  my advanced course  and participants will have a basic understanding of controlling exposure with shutter, aperture and ISO.

You will need a camera, either with a fixed zoom – such as a bridge camera – or one with interchangeable lenses (DSLR or Mirroless CSC), as well as a smart phone

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