29th June 2017

The Order of Departure

A raindrop, the splash, the leaf, the puddle, my camera and then me… I hope.
18th June 2016

Contemplating Solitaire

Although it is great getting up close to wildlife and posting portraits of them, I actually prefer seeing images of birds and animals as a part of their environment. So, […]
14th June 2016


18th April 2016

Act Two, Scene Three

Our local castle looks good at this time of the year.  Built around 1070 Warkworth was a setting in some of Shakespeare’s Parts 1 and 2 of Henry IV, described […]
16th March 2016

Sad Tales on the Shore

I took a brisk walk behind the dunes from Warkworth to the river mouth, the opposite side of the water from my home. I had hoped to get close enough […]
5th February 2016


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