From January 2020 I am publishing online photography lessons.  These are short and will teach you one skill per lesson, which you can take away and practice. They will be progressive, and the early ones will help you build up a set of skills that form the basis of those that come later. You can start the course at any time. If you miss a lesson, it doesn’t matter, it will still be here for you to pick up.

Bookmark this page to keep up to date with the latest lessons.

I will be glad to hear your comments and see your results. Please feel free to post a reply directly to any lesson or where you see it posted on social media. Please also share the lessons with your friends.

If you are posting your results on social media, please tag me: @ivortog and use the hashtags #ivortog and #ivorslessons too.

Of course, for those who want face-to-face training, I’ll still be delivering my courses and workshops.