Photography Articles

27th September 2020

How to Shoot a Violent Storm.

True love for storm photography. Would you shoot a storm? Storms are superb for landscape photography and they need careful preparation. By mutual agreement, I postponed […]
16th July 2020

Why my blog post for Olympus got lost

Do you accumulate cameras? I do. I have just passed some on to others for their enjoyment, this included a couple of 1930s Twin Lens Reflex […]
13th May 2020

Legacy Lenses

Legacy Lenses A few months ago, I found a grubby old manual focus 50mm lens for £3. I was looking for a replacement legacy lens to […]
22nd April 2020

Technology and Art

Photography is a fusion of technological precision and art. Throughout history, photographers balanced those two elements to create the perfect photograph. Both those are important. However, […]
30th March 2020

Mental health: Photography is good for the soul

According to the mental health charity, MIND, one in four people in the UK suffer from mental health problems. That’s a staggering and dreadful statistic. At […]
27th January 2020

Ten questions you should ask about your business and the photography you use.

Do you run a business? If so, do you promote it online? Do you use photographs or videos for that? Have you ever considered that those […]
12th December 2019


“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” Albert Einstein Those who are most learned in any field realise they know […]
5th December 2019

Categories of Photography

We often talk about genres of photography such as portraiture, landscapes or abstract. But I believe there is another layer which overlays these genres. Photos fall […]
23rd November 2019

Stuck in a Photographic Rut?

Are you stuck in a photographic rut? Do you love taking photos but still shooting the same images today as you were a year ago? Let’s […]